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Nexus Church

Next Steps Environments

Here at Nexus Church, we believe that life is a journey and there is always a next step to take. The great news is that we do not go alone, but can partner together with others on the journey.  In order to help you discover Jesus, pursue transformation and live with purpose, we have designed these Nexus Labs to help you along the way.


Every journey begins with a First Step which here at Nexus is our a welcome lunch. This lunch takes place on the first Sunday of every month immediately following our morning worship service. Anyone who is new to Nexus is invited to stay and get to know more about the church, our staff and others who are discovering Nexus Church as well.


From the Welcome Lunch we invite you to join us for our Start-Up Lab. This 4 week study is specifically designed to help you find your place at Nexus. Over the course of these four weeks, we look at the key elements of our Mission and how you can play your role. In the first week, we look at Discovering Jesus and how that simple discovery changes everything. During week 2, we will talk about what it means to pursue transformation and the freedom we desperately long. In weeks three and four we will help you discover the purpose God has for your life and the unique role you are designed to play.


Our next Lab is the Jesus Encounter Weekend. This weekend event is specifically designed to help everyone who attends discover Jesus and pursue transformation in a new and even deeper way. All of us have hurts, habits, and hangups that hinder our journey and this environment is specifically designed to help you experience the healing that can be found in Christ. The Jesus Encounter Weekend happens twice a year so be sure to be on the look out and sign up when the next opportunity comes.


Our final step is The Calling Lab. While you may have discovered your calling during weeks 3 and 4 of the Start-Up Lab, The Calling Lab has been designed to help you intentionally design a plan of implementation.  Our Calling Labs take place twice a year as well and we see them as a great help in not just discovering and living with purpose but creating and implementing a plan that will keep you moving forward.