Nexus Church

Next Steps Environments

Here at Nexus Church, we believe that life is a journey and there is always a next step to take. The great news is that we do not go alone, but can partner together with others on the journey.  In order to help you discover Jesus, pursue transformation and live with purpose, we have designed these Nexus Labs to help you along the way.

Membership Class


This is for anyone who is new to Nexus Church and looking to learn more about who we are and what we believe. This class takes place every few months and takes place on a Sunday morning before our main worship service. It lasts roughly an hour and is designed to walk you through why church membership is important, who we are as a staff, and what we believe as a church. For those who are looking to join the church as members, this is a requirement for membership and will be given that option at the end of this time.

Baptism Class

Have you have ever wondered what this thing called baptism is all about? During this one-hour time together, you will learn about what baptism is and why it is important in the life of a follower of Jesus. This class takes place about twice a year on a Sunday morning prior to our main worship service. Even if you are unsure if it’s a step you need to take but are interested in learning more, this is your opportunity.