Nexus Kids

Ministry Purpose

Nexus Kids exists to reach out to children and families with the good news of Jesus Christ in order to equip them to be followers of Jesus.


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Our ministry approach is driven by six key principles that direct how we teach children about following Jesus:


We design everything we do to be an approachable, impactful experience for children.

Safe Environment

Physical, emotional and spiritual safety is of utmost importance at Nexus Kids. We are prepared, background-checked, sanitary and set up for success!

Real-Life Application

All of our teaching is Biblically-based and presented so a kid can practically apply what they are learning to their lives.

Creative Bible Teaching

Our aim is to make the scriptures come to life in exciting, innovative ways. Engaging kids minds and hearts is what we do best!

Intentional Small Groups

We intentionally develop Christian principles through small groups. Peer interaction makes concepts personal and memorable.


Kids learn best through fun- and we have lots of it. We are always mixing it up with structured activities and games.
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If you are interested in serving in Nexus Kids, please contact Amy Gillilan. We encourage everyone to attend our First Step and Startup environments before getting involved with this ministry.




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