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Jesus of Nazareth’s first invitation to his followers was to be with him. This came before any other instruction or task. This is because every good thing flows from being together with God and with each other as His body in the world.

Together we have brought healing to the sick, comfort to the lonely, love to the broken and food to the hungry. Together we have taught so that children and teens and adults can have a future, so that prisoners can have hope and so that families can be restored. Together we have loved the poor with compassion, brought justice to bear on behalf of the oppressed and shared the gospel with the lost.

Our Mission

We exist to invite all people to discover Jesus, pursue transformation, and live with purpose.

Our Strategy

We will seek to accomplish our mission by equipping every follower of Jesus to be a disciple who makes disciples where they live, learn, work and play.

Our Vision

Over the next five years, we will intentionally walk with God through five phases of transformation that will result in our community of faith becoming a hub of disciple making, missional engagement and service to our community.

Our Commitment

Nexus Church is committed to creating a safe environment where anyone can belong as they seek God and community.